Baby Naming’s / Welcoming an adopted or step child

Every child should have the opportunity to be welcomed into the world surrounded by the people that mean the most to the them.

The moment you become a family will probably be one of the most significant moments in your life.  An event that should be marked in a special way.

At a time when you are possibly wondering how life will ever be normal again…

A naming ceremony can be wonderful way to bring everyone together. 

Giving family and friends an opportunity to congratulate you, offer support and to celebrate this new person..

I will take time to listen to your stories and understand your family values before capturing them in a personal ceremony, hand crafted exclusively for you and your family.

“Sarah is a very intuitive, sensitive person who brings to the role of celebrant warmth, empathy and a lot of life experience and awareness.

Her ceremonies are creative and deeply sincere, she is confident in speaking and crafts her words carefully to ensure that everyone attending can understand and benefit from the shared experience.” SC

£250 Plus travel expenses. Upon agreement £100 deposit to be paid (non refundable).