Arranging a Funeral

Below are a number of broad areas for you to think about. The funeral director you choose will help you with all this.

Whether the person left any requests or wishes regarding their funeral

If a choice has been made between cremation or burial, and where that will take place.

If cremation, you may have a choice of crematoria.

If burial, you can choose between churchyard (if there’s space), cemetery, woodland burial, and possibly burial on private land.

The style of funeral – traditional or contemporary, formal or informal – the coffin, cars, venue, flowers

How to make the funeral individual, to reflect the character, values and beliefs of the person, their fundamental nature

To what extent family and friends want to be involved, with the arrangements, caring for the person who has died, during the funeral on the day

After the event – the wake, memorial stone, ashes, memorial ceremony, bereavement

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