Milestone Ceremonies

There are many pivotal moments in time during our lives that denotes a ceremony…

  • Renewing of wedding vows
  • Recovery from illness
  • A significant birthday
  • Retirement
  • Coming out

Its so important to take the time to recognise these significant moments before they sweep past you and blend in to the constant flow of life.

A ceremony, shared and witnessed by others, is a powerful affirmation, allowing us to be present in those threshold moments.

Giving the time needed to understand, not only the relevance of what has past, but also embracing the changes that our future holds.

A milestone ceremony done well can be powerful and healing to all involved.

I will take time to listen and understand your story before capturing it in a unique, hand crafted ceremony exclusive to you.

A gift to treasure as you step into this new phase of being.

“My experience of the milestone ceremony Sarah did for me was very cathartic and a surprise that it was so.

I really didn’t expect to attain such a wonderful feeling of release and uplift.

The people present, are still talking about what a special time it was for them, and how moving it was to witness.

I would recommend allowing Sarah to create a ceremony for you.

In fact I trusted in her abilities as a celebrant so profoundly that I felt able to leave the creation of the ceremony entirely in her hands….whereby I didn’t know exactly what to expect…. but in doing so I was able to experience the ceremony in the present moment and therefore at it’s most powerful.

Thank you for enabling me to let go Sarah!.” TW

£210 Plus travel expenses. Upon agreement an deposit of £80 is required (non refundable) .