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A funeral is the final devotional enactment marking the end of life’s cycle.

It is a time to honour a unique life and acknowledge the loss of that loved person, allowing for a crossing of a threshold.

A bespoke ceremony created with sensitivity and care, weaving together the colourful strands of a life, to express the true fabric of their nature and character, actively demonstrating the communal loss felt by all those who loved them.

I am an independent celebrant, trained by green fuse. I will arrange to meet with you in the comfort of your own home. I will take the time listen to you in order to get a true sense of the person you have lost and make sure that he or she takes centre stage for the last time, by composing a beautiful, individual ceremony that will be both the celebration of a distinctive life and the tender mourning of a loss. I can help you to find readings and music and other personal touches to make the funeral special.

I will respect all individual views and spiritual beliefs, and compose and conduct an appropriate, well-structured and imaginative ceremony, that’s right from the heart.